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We offer a wide range of selected films for offset and digital printing. We make sure that only the highest quality goods leave our house. Of course, we advise you comprehensively on the subject of slides and pay attention to your individual needs and requirements and always find the right solution for you.

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Static, self-adhesive or ClingZ, everything that digital printing desires


HP Indigo certified films

"DuraGo" is the trade name of Hanita Coatings for specially treated plastic films for printing on HP Indigo machines. All "DuraGo" products are co-developed with HP Indigo. The film surface is coated with a unique chemical coating and therefore offers exceptional pressure-absorption capability and guaranteed extended shelf life.

The DuraGo range includes a variety of different self-adhesive, adhesive and non-adhesive films, for unique applications. Through different strengths and looks, creative ideas can be easily implemented. The DuraGo range includes the following materials:

• PVC permanent / not permanent / repositionable
• PET permanent (white / transparent / silver / gold)
• Satin Fabric removable

Static adhesion / adhesion:
• Cling Z (white / transparent)
• Ztac Touch (white / transparent)

Not adhesive:
• hard PVC (one and two sides)
• PP (one and two-sided)
• Polystyrene (one and two-sided / translucent)
• PET (white / transparent)
• PE (white)
• Vinyl (transparent / abrasion resistant)


Toner or laser printing films

"DuraKote" is the trade name of "Hanita Coatings" of specially treated polyester films. Due to their special treatment, the films are resistant to heat, water and chemicals. "DuraKote" is coated on both sides to facilitate duplex printing. "DuraKote" is designed for Xeikon, Xerox, OKI, Minolta, Richo, Nexpress, and others colour printers. Areas of application include Neon signs, banners, price tags, cards, brochures, catalogues, etc.

The DuraKote range includes a wide range of different self-adhesive, adhesive and non-adhesive films for a variety of applications. Through various strengths and looks, in matte and shiny with excellent colour and pressure adhesion, great effects can be created. The DuraKote range includes the following materials:

• Polyester permanent (glossy, matt white, transparent, silver)
• Satin Fabric (white)

Adhessive without glue:
• polyester (white and transparent)

Not adhesive:
• Polyester with backing paper (one-sided, white / translucent / transparent)
• Polyester (both sides, white / translucent)


PE paper composite for HP Indigo

"DuraPap" is a composite paper, which is both water and dirt resistant as well as no more folding breaks during printing. The PE paper with HP Indigo Primer offers next to process savings other interesting features:

Waterproof and dirt-resistant, without additional lamination No fold break Unique picture quality

DuraPap is a novelty in digital printing, due to its special construction PE-Paper-PE, it enables highest quality in the printing result. It simply prints directly onto the composite material.

The DuraPap is available in standard size with 238 μ in white glossy

In digital printing:
Photo Books
Menus / Food / Drinks
Business cards


statically charged PP films

ClingZ is a statically charged polypropylene film used as a high quality print medium in a variety of industries. The ClingZ films are specially designed for indoor applications. Due to their static charge you adhere without adhesive on all dry surfaces. After use, they are easy to remove and residue-free.

ClingZ is suitable for printing on offset, HP Indigo, flexographic and UV curing large format printing presses and is available in a width up to 137 cm.

No glue, no residue, no cleaning effort. ClingZ films are instantly attached to all dry surfaces, properly positioned and removed.

• Adheres to all dry surfaces without adhesive
• Effortless to install and remove
• No residues-no damage to the surface
• Application up to 3 months
• Repositionable
• For indoor use
• Can be perforated, punched out, punched, notched and folded
• Individual panels can be easily joined together
• PVC-free, phthalate-free & recyclable
• Available in white & transparent


Static chargedPP offset films

"DuraCharge" is an adhesive-free, electrically charged polypropylene film, which is attached on two sides with a glue trace on a printable carrier material. DuraCharge can be used as a print medium in a wide range of industries. The films have been specially developed for indoor applications. Due to their static charge you adhere without adhesive on all dry surfaces.

After use, they are easy to remove and residue-free. No PVC, no glue, no residue, no cleaning. DuraCharge films can be attached to all dry surfaces and removed with equal ease.

A nice alternative to ClingZ Offset

Available in two different sheet formats


- Info Poster
- Ambiente Marketing
- Booklets
- Event Marketing
- POS Marketing


LowTac (adhesion) graphic films

"Ztac Touch" is our PVC-free, peel-and-stick, low-tac window graphics solution (part of the ClingZ range).  A state-of-the-art coating allows effortless, bubble-free attachment by just placing it lightly on the dry surface. It is easy to reposition, reusable and, despite an adhesive performance of up to one year, completely removable without residue.

Ztac Touch is durable, heat- and UV-resistant, and therefore particularly suitable for applications in show and car windows. In addition, Ztac Touch is environmentally friendly, harmless to health, PVC- and phthalate-free, and recyclable!

Product features:

 Powerful, low-tac film for smooth surfaces
 Effortless to install and take off
 No residue-no damage to the surface
 Application for up to one year
 For the interior
 Can be perforated, punched, punched, notched and folded
 Individual panels can be easily joined together.
 PVC-free, phthalate-free & recyclable
 Available in transparent and white


 137.16cm x 45m roll for UV Wide Format
 32 x 46cm bows for HP Indigo / digital printing
 or in roll format


PP films for one-sided and two-sided digital and offset printing

"DuraMapp" is our PP film specially optimized for HP Indigo and Offset. "DuraMapp" is our product line from Mapal Plastics. The special coating allows excellent ink adhesion and is ideal for signage, labeling or packaging applications. The material is 100% water resistant, does not cause tears and is recyclable.

Especially the white materials have different light transmittances of 0-40%. Thanks to the special Corona treatment, both sides can be easily printed with a storage life of one year. Different strengths and colors allow for use in different areas. Field of application are:

Cards / POS Stands
Flowers tags


Foils for UV Inkjet

DuraView print media, for solvent based and UV inkjet printers, add a new dimension to traditional wide format applications. It was designed specifically for UV, solvent and eco-solvent inks to optimize color saturation and density. These are ideal for vibrant, indoor and outdoor graphic applications.

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Ideas for the use of static film - Residue-free removal made easy



  • Adheres to the majority of clean and dry surfaces

  • No residue

  • Removable

  • No damage to surfaces

  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable



  • Static posters

  • In A2 or A3 sizes

  • Residue-free

  • Removable

  • Reusable



  • Adheres to any surfaces

  • Residue free

  • Colourful way to present your product

  • Usable for lockers, car rentals or general advertising

  • In A4 and A5 sizes

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