Digital printing is one of the fastest growing areas in the printing industry today.


Due to its possibility of efficient and cost-effective production even in short runs, the advantages are cut particularly individually to the customer.


Whether personalization, short runs in different colors and of course the print quality, can be worked with different materials.


"DuraGo" is the trade name of Hanita Coatings for specially treated plastic films for printing on HP Indigo machines. All "DuraGo" products are co-developed with HP Indigo. The film surface is coated with a unique chemical coating and therefore offers exceptional pressure-absorption capability and guaranteed extended shelf life.

This is exactly where HP Indigo started in 1993. The aim was to create a printing machine that produces the same print quality and print image in small editions as a large offset press, while remaining cost-effective.

In particular, Danfol Printable Films dealt with the printing of Indigo machines on synthetic media, such as films in different executions.

Whether flyers, posters, brochures, business cards, posters or personalized visual customer information can be produced easily and in high quality in small and medium runs.


With a wide range of compatible media you can print on white, transparent, metallized and recyclable films as well as composite materials. There is a wide variety of applications, from self-adhesive to static adhesive or non-adhesive materials.

In doing so, Danfol pays special attention to the quality of the films and their certification for all HP Indigo printers.

Whether in large or small sheet format, colorful and unusual applications can arise, so that their project is a visual eye-catcher.

There are no limits to the areas of application, with HP Indigo films, and because of their properties, they can be used by customers in all advertising areas.


Ideas for using HP Indigo film:

HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press Image_hi

Self-adhesive applications:

With permanent or removable films, creative info posters, advertisements or POS applications can be brought to the customer more easily and attractively. Whether in the locker in the fitness center or as a start number for the marathon, the DURAGO films are used in very different areas to implement colorful and effective attractions. Of course, most DuraGO films are available in both clear and different shades of white and can therefore also be used well as labels, stickers or for packaging. In addition, with our silver and gold films for your Indigo printer, you have a nice extra to create applications in a shining or matt metal look.

01-HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press Image_HR

Non-adhesive applications:

HP Indigo films, also find their uses in the non-adhesive area. Whether in the supermarket as a stand-up display, in the restaurant as a menu card or as a business card printed on both sides, the application areas know no limits here. Both as a sustainable PP printable on both sides or as a rigid PVC film, colorful and attention-grabbing promotions can be designed. In addition, particularly strong applications can be tinkered with materials with more than 400 μ. Due to their water and dirt-resistant properties, these materials are ideal for use as menu cards in restaurants.

Especially the use of our super clear polyester films knows no bounds in its fields of application. Whether with backing paper or as packaging material as well as overhead projector foil, the DuraGO foils can be used well.

Of course, most of the materials are also available for the HP Indigo 10000 series, so no limits are set for DURAGO materials.

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