Visual marketing has evolved over the last few years and especially in the context of digitilization.


Customer needs and the arousal of attention, present companies, always new challenges.


Especially in visual marketing, where the topic of attention plays a major role, companies have to reinvent themselves, in order to attract and surprise customers even more.


With ClingZ, visual marketing opens up new possibilities to address these needs.


ClingZ® is a patented, electrically charged polypropylene film used as a high quality print medium in a variety of industries. ClingZ® films are specially designed for indoor use. Due to their static charge, they adhere to all dry surfaces without any glue. After use, they are easy to remove without residue.

High quality print medium for brand presentation and marketing communication

Sticks without glue, important for sensitive surfaces

No residues, means no cleaning effort

Easy to attach, move to the right place and take off

Cost-effective - due to its flexibility, the product can be attached to a large number of different surfaces within a single location

With whiteboard and permanent markers in unprinted places beschreibar

Environmentally friendly and recyclable


ClingZ® is the ideal medium for effective, sustainable and cost-efficient advertising campaigns and perfect for:


Branding, new products, promotions or shop window design at the POS

Entertainment and Event Marketing

Information posters and product advertising in the pharmaceutical industry

Ambient Marketing

Direct mail and magazine supplements

ClingZ® is suitable for printing on offset, HP indigo, exographic and UV curing large format printing presses and is available in a width up to 137cm.

ClingZ the application for your marketing

Ideas Input for the use of statically charged foil - residue-free removal made easy

Ambient Marketing

ClingZ - Ambient Marketing made easy Ambient marketing are campaigns that appear out of nowhere and suddenly appear everywhere. As a result, these campaigns emerge in unexpected places and attract attention.   Which medium could be better suited for this than ClingZ® films with their ability to adhere almost anywhere without adhesive. Without glue, there are no residues left on the wall. In addition, ClingZ® films are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Ambient marketing campaigns are today often part of media planning, because here, too, target groups can be much more limited. Whether free postcards in the catering industry, advertising in the sanitary areas of pubs and discos, posters in schools or universities, advertising on parked cars or in dressing rooms in gyms, with ClingZ® you can easily generate touchpoints for the desired target group.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.04.29

Point of Sale Marketing

Rediscover POS Retailers need advertising solutions that are easy to install and dispose of on a variety of different surfaces, and simply look good. ClingZ® is a patented, electrically charged polypropylene film that adheres to any dry interior surface. After using simply remove without residue. Perfect for branding, new products, promotions and shop window design and therefore the ideal medium for effective, sustainable and cost-efficient messaging at the point of sale! The static charge of ClingZ® saves many hours when hanging up or down. And the print quality on ClingZ® films is outstanding, whether printed in offset, digital, flexo, or HP indigo. ClingZ® does not require any glue to adhere, so there are no residues left on the wall. ClingZ® films are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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Entertainment and events

Event Marketing made easy Whether at car shows, trade fairs, exhibitions or in cinemas, everywhere you can see ClingZ in action. At first glance, ClingZ Folie looks like a first-class printed poster or poster. Apart from the static charge, nothing is necessary to adhere the film to the wall, the window, or the door. ClingZ hangs completely without glue, so it can be removed without any residue in seconds.   The more communication is individually and purposefully designed, the deeper the commitment, the more extensive the dialogue with the customer. With ClingZ every event becomes unique. Be it large-format graphics as background on walls or exhibition stands, posters on escalators or in reception halls, branding, product information or promotions on mirrors or windows, there are no limits to creativity.

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From the patient to the customer

Info poster as a bridge builder between doctor and patient Over a decade ago, pharmaceutical companies discovered that product information posters were far more likely to be hung up in medical practices when printed on ClingZ® Foielen. No wonder, because ClingZ® does not require any adhesive to adhere, leaving no residue on the wall. In addition, ClingZ® films are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Building and maintaining loyal customer relationships requires new, engaging content - online and offline. In the pharmaceutical industry, this means keeping patients up to date on new findings and medicines. And there is no better place than in the waiting or treatment room of the Artze.

Direct mail and booklets

Whether magazine or magazine - ClingZ is always there Direct mail is always most effective when relevant information is communicated to the right people. It is true that a medium which one can touch generally has the potential to make a larger emotional impression than comparable digital communication. In order to permanently anchor an advertising message with target customers in direct advertising or magazine inserts, creativity is required. ClingZ® films are the perfect platform for creative solutions, so that an advertising image, in the truest sense of the word, actually hang remains. ClingZ® is easily detached from its carrier material and adheres without adhesive on all common surfaces in the interior. ClingZ® can then be removed without leaving any residue.

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