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Colorful Doorhanger

Whether in the hotel or in meeting rooms, the use of door hangers has been used for years as a means of communication and information.

Frequently, such door hangers are made of plastic or paper.


However, these frequently used information carriers or advertising media are usually designed very minimalist and monotone.

Mostly in red or green with the typical inscription "Do not disturb", you will find their areas of application at doorknobs in the hotel or in meeting rooms.


But how about something different.

Colorful, cheeky, loud and conspicuous, would be a nice alternative to the typical applications.


Away from the monochrome and inconspicuous red / green, to a colorful eye-catching application, which may also conjure up a smile on the face of the beholder.


In addition to the full benefits of the colorful and eye-catching design, the environment is also an interesting factor.


With the environmentally friendly polypropylene material, we also think of our good mother earth.


Just take a look at our small series of images on the new DuraMapp.

This white shiny PP film in different thicknesses, offers the perfect opportunity for such an application.


Printable on both sides and with a glossy look due to the HP Primer, you can create beautiful colorful applications that not only look good, but also deliver the message nicely.


Try our material with your Indigo machine and benefit from our Easter special.

Advertising placement for sports enthusiasts

12 locations in Germany with several thousand athletes and over 2400 lockers, can now look forward to informative advertisements printed on Danfol material.

Whether Berlin, Hamburg or Dusseldorf, sports enthusiasts will find colorful and unique promotions and discounts directly in their locker.

By changing the ads on a monthly basis, the athletes are kept up-to-date and informed about various offers in the areas of health, fitness and lifestyle.

In addition, the employees can enjoy simple handling and residue-free removal, which not only minimizes the installation effort, but also completely eliminates the cleaning time.

The white, soft PVC film with 180 μ (K1144) used here has a removable adhesive and has been printed on an HP Indigo 3050 in cooperation with Tengler Druck.

Official Supplier of the European Maccabi Games 2015

Olympiade in Berlin


Official Supplier of the European Maccabi Games 2015

Olympiad in Berlin

As part of the Maccabi Games 2015 in Berlin, Danfol, in collaboration with the agency "Organized Creativity", supports the planning and implementation of the complete signage and wrapping for the Jewish Olympic Games.

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