Who we are

Headquartered in Nuremberg and with offices in Berlin and Frankfurt, Danfol Printable Films is your trusted partner for high quality film applications and film printing.


With different production sites, years of experience and close customer loyalty, we can respond individually to customer requirements.


Motto: quality, flexibility, efficiency


"Danfol sees itself as a partner of the customer, with whom we search together for the optimal solutions. The service comes first."


Danfol has set itself the goal of providing customers with the best possible solutions to their individual problem through straightforwardness, quality, flexibility and cost awareness.

Where are we from?

Danfol Printable Films GmbH is a subsidiary of the Danfol Group, founded in 1989.

Founded in 1989, Danfol has its origins in the distribution of plastic sheets in the cast and extruded sectors, with nearly 11,000 tons of plastic per year across Europe.


Based on this knowledge, the Danfol Group decided to bring its expertise and network into digital and offset printing.


From this idea emerged in 2008, the Danfol Printable Films GmbH, headquartered in Nuremberg.

Since 2008 Danfol has been able to recommend itself as a strong and trusting partner for its customers, due to its close ties with the production facilities and the constant search for new films

Why synthetic film?

Unlike paper, there are applications where synthetic films with their properties have greater utility, as they require the following characteristics for a high-quality application:


Water repellent: The films must be weatherproof for outdoor applications.


Solvent repellent: To prevent damage when cleaning the film


Tear-resistant: To guarantee the durability of the application


Heat-resistant: Partly extreme heat is generated during printing


Optical clarity: to make individual elements more visible

Which materials and for what:

The Danfol materials are individually optimized for each printer on the surface.

There are a variety of adhesive and non-adhesive materials made of PP, PVC PET or polyester available.


Applications include:


Interior and exterior foils, with or without backlight signs, food / meme cards, pendants, tags, hangers or even catalogues.

We are happy to assist you with all projects and questions.
The complete Danfol Team is looking forward to seeing you

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